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XamiAndAR is a library for developing Android Augmented Reality applications using Xamarin.Android and C#. It is the C# binding to the original AndAR library developed by Tobias Domhan (tdomhan). XamiAndAR enables C# developers to develop Augmented Reality applications for Android using Xamarin.Android platform. It provides all the features exposed by AndAR library to Xamarin.Android developers. Internally, AndAR uses ARToolkit to achieve Augmented Reality. XamiAndAR is library which comes with a .dll file. Presently, XamiAndAR library supports both armeabi and armeabi-v7a Android architectures. The library targets Android version: API Level 12 with Xamarin.Android v3.1 support. 

Did you develop any apps using XamiAndAR? Inform to me:

Download the sample application created using XamiAndAR from GitHub: XamiAndArApp

 Real world capture

Picture 1: Real-world marker capture through the camera.

Augmented Reality using XamiAndAR

Picture 2: Augmented Reality on Android using XamiAndAR.


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